"The Lipstick that Glitters"

 Lipstick that will touch your heart, colors that empower your soul.


Concieved by: Destiny Devine 


Lipstick has been a fabulous trend for centuries, Destiny says, "With this lipstick I wanted to create something aesthetic yet meaningful and reach out with pride and integrity. I truly believe that you can create purpose even through as something simple as lipstick.”


The Devine Lips of Destiny is a lipstick line about inspiration. DLD isn't just about the colors and the look, it’s about the message.


Each lipstick is delicately wrapped with a meaningful quote inside. Like fortune cookies hold tomorrow’s promises, these lipsticks hold today’s insights, and each color represents a different aspect of empowerment.


While the lipstick itself is striking at first sight, what makes it stand out more is the humanity that I have created behind it all. I wanted to connect each color to one of my life experiences, give back, and show that nothing is impossible and that through hurt and pain there is happiness. Below are the ideas that I have to connect to each lipstick.






While the base is flawless, the differentiating “amaze” factor is the special coat which goes on top, referred to as “Empowerment Glitter.”


DLD can be used with your everyday wear to illuminate your confidence and brighten your outlook, while creating an outside-of-the-box look: elegant, chic, and sophisticated.


If you want to stand out, The Devine Lips of Destiny are the perfect line for you.“Through DLD I am hoping to change lives by bringing out the innate confidence we all have within.” asserts Destiny.


By developing a positive outlook and rejecting the negative, inner beauty shines!


When you’re glowing on the outside, even lipstick can convey the potency of what we hold inside.


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